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The Shark

Originally posted on Christi Corbett's Blog:
If you’re a writer, then chances are good that you know the name Janet Reid. If not, you should because she’s a wealth of information for newbie writers. She runs an informative blog, where she…

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Literary Agent Sara Megibow shares “A day in the life…”

Agents are advocates for their writers. But what does that mean? What do agents do? Sara Megibow with the Nelson Literary Agency (NLA) in Denver, Colorado demystifies the life of a literary agent and offers insights into the tasks that … Continue reading

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How To Get In The Room

I love writers. I had the honor of meeting a gifted, dare I say brilliant – though I don’t want it to go to his head – screenwriter who agreed to be a guest blogger. So, I’m pleased to present … Continue reading

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You, too, can have Pitch. Pitch On!

What’s in a word? Pitch. What thought or image comes to mind? It’s a simple word. A single syllable. Yet, pitch provides punch when it comes to meaning. Will you pitch a baseball? Or do the nautical pitch – the … Continue reading

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A Fly on an Agent’s wall

Do literary agents turn you into a perspiring, palm-sweating mess? Do you forget to breathe, or speak a mile a minute, or just read your notes when pitching to an agent? Do you wonder if they’re more god-like than human? … Continue reading

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