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What is an “Echo?” Tips To Axe These Repeat Offenders

I found this post helpful. The links are interesting, especially after reading a blog post by the Editors of the Wild Rose Press about “nails on a chalkboard” phrases. One editor said she made an author remove “that” from a … Continue reading

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And the Winner Is… YOU

Do you see yourself as a winner? Do you feel energized and engaged in your daily adventure? What gets you out of bed each morning? Does it bring you joy? How do you become the Star in the movie of … Continue reading

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A Celebration of Triumph through Perseverance

A year ago this month, I landed in blog world. I admit I have been a resistant blogger. Even after a weeklong session about social media taught by Stu Blandford at the Southeastern Writers conference, it took four months for … Continue reading

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Drink the WooWoo Juice

Gather round. No need to form a line. This is not about A Woo Woo, the beverage made of vodka, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice, then served as a cocktail in a highball glass. The elixir I’m offering is a … Continue reading

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Blogging into the Ether- Who are you?

The welcome mat is always out. Thanks for stopping by. How’s your day going? What’s new in your life? I watch with fascination the stats from this blog. I love to look at the world map and see the highlighted … Continue reading

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the apocalypse of August 29th

Wake up. It’s dark, but you stretch your feet to the floor. Wetness makes you flinch as your toes seek solid ground. You can’t make it outside the house; the water is rising too fast. Where are your glasses? Your … Continue reading

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Hot News!

Today’s post is short and sweet: Whoo Hoo! I just received a signed contract from The Wild Rose Press for publication of my debut novel, Bayou Bound. Yes, there are details to be managed, like book-cover art and back-cover blurbs … Continue reading

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