Barking up a New Tree

Reni 9 4 13 PHONE photos 004Arf!Arf!

Hey there! Masterpiece Renoir here. Reni for short. When you call me that, I’ll know we’re friends. Today’s my birthday. I’m eleven years old.

I’m here to announce that mom—Linda Joyce—is taking the next step. There’ll be a new blog address starting Friday, which is kind of like me barking up a new tree. Barking is the same. A tree is a tree, so the same, just different location.

Mom’s busy catching up on homework for her online class because she and dad spent the weekend at the Low Country Jazz Festival. Dave Koz, Mindi Abair, Gerald Albright and Richard Elliot rocked it! Take a listen:

Why am I here? Mom told me and my brothers, Beau and Jack—I know you’ve heard of them. Beau is even in a book—to come up with a post for her blog today.

We decided that Beau would toss a cookie in the air. The first one of us to grab it would win the cookie, AND the right to be a writer today. Beau being the General, almost always follows orders. Jack is too GQ to bother with a scramble. Me? I’m not only little, the seven-pound wonder, I’m lightning fast. Oh, and cuter, too, than my brothers. Everyone who has met our pack will tell you the same thing. You guessed right. I won the cookie toss.

Feni 9 4 13So here I am. And since I’m a cute and cuddly canine, you better leave nice comments for me, like where I can find the best “wash and fluff” bath place, what stores have the best raw bones, and which dog park has the cutest barky girls. I like them little like me. Mom says I have a Napoleon complex, well, Dad says it too. But hey now, the Emperor was short and French. I’m low to the ground, Dad calls me ‘The Sport Model’ and since Mom is part Cajun-French, it makes perfects that I could be Emperor, too!

True Dat! (That’s what they say when I visit New Orleans.)

I’m working at taking over the world, at least the world as far as I can see. I’m only six inches off the ground so everything looks big to me.

I need to know, are you a dog lover? Mom is. She’s got a great lap and long piano fingers for scratching me behind the ears. Yes, I know, Papillion means butterfly in French and I’ve got big ears. Back to Mom, my brothers and I rate her belly rubs a 5-out-ot-5 stars. So, if you’ve got four-legged kids, I’m happy to negotiate a price to rent Mom out as a Master Scratcher.

Ut oh! She’s not happy about my offer. She’s yelling something about, “pimp puppy” and that’s my cue to exit.

My brothers and I hope you had a labor free Labor Day.

So remember, on Friday, there’s a new link.

Mom’s also starting a new thing: Friday with Friends. She’s going to introduce you to some pretty cool folks. Authors. Artists. Unique Business people.

Got to run! See ya there!

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7 Responses to Barking up a New Tree

  1. Hi, Reni,

    Aren’t you gorgeous! Sending good wishes your mom’s way for her updated blog. This is a great time of year for change.

    Barbara Barrett

  2. reneeregent says:

    How did you find the most adorable dogs on the planet?!!

  3. Papillions are so cute.

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