Wednesday Offerings of Things Just Around the Corner

Beau and BookThe clock ‘tic tocs’ in my ear. My fingers tap the keyboard while I work to produce words on a page. I’m working on Book Three of the Fleur de Lis series, Back to the Bayou—Camilla and Jared’s story, while waiting with mounting anticipation for the cover reveal from my publisher of Book Two—Bayou Bound that features Biloxi and Nick.

Yesterday my galley for Bayou Bound bounded back to my editor who is sending it on for copy edits, which means I’m getting so much closer to knowing the release date of book two. Blurb is done. Tagline finalized.

In the meantime, I asked someone to beta read the galley.

This was the reply:
“I loved the book!! It was even better than the first one. I know I marked one passage where I liked the image you created. I also loved the “meet-cute,” when Nick is interacting with the old aunts, and the engagement setup. I also like the elements of “girl war” between Chantel and Biloxi. It’s something men are oblivious to but every woman can relate to.”

Encouragement from readers is always welcomed. 🙂

So while we wait together, would you like to know some of the backstory of Fleur de Lis and how Branna Lind and Biloxi Dutrey came to be?

Fleur de Lis is an antebellum home along the Pearl River that divides Mississippi and Louisiana. As for home and the near-by town of Bayou Petite, they exist only in my imagination. The Old Aunts, Marie and Grace, are the eldest living Fleur de Lis cast members. They’re twins who inherited the house and estate grounds, their grandfather’s legacy. He built the house pre-Civil War.

Marie and Grace each married and had families of their own. Their children grew up and married, they, too had children, the grandchildren of Marie and Grace.

Macy is the granddaughter of Marie, and she marries Charles Lind, together they have three children: Branna, Camilla and Carson.
Sean is the grandson of Grace, and he marries Deidre Beaudreau, together they have three children: Biloxi, Linc, and Nola.
So Branna and Biloxi are cousins and their lives are forever intertwined, for better and for worse.

I hope when Bayou Bound is released, you’ll celebrate with me!

The question frequently posed to me by others: Who would you like to play Nick in a movie?
I didn’t write Nick Trahan with this musician in mind, but I think he’s perfect for the part. Who is he? Take a look at the video.

Here’s his DVD: Hurricane on the Bayou

Before I sign off, I would like you to know that I do read the reviews posted in various places on the internet about Bayou Born. I take the information seriously because I want you, the reader, to have a good reading experience, and hopefully the feedback helps me make the next book better.

Happy Reading!
And Laissez les bon temps rouler (lay-zay lay bon ton rule-ay)
Let the good times roll!

Linda Joyce


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Writing is a curious journey. You don't pick it, it picks you. See my website at to learn more about me.
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4 Responses to Wednesday Offerings of Things Just Around the Corner

  1. Linda,
    Isn’t it both fun and hair pulling to write books in a series? Sounds like you have all three mapped out in your head much better than I. The waiting for the next stage in the process can be tough, unless you keep yourself productive in the meantime.

    Barbara Barrett

    • Linda Joyce says:


      Waiting is hard…and I’ve also got to get to the finish line on book 3. My goal was to have it done by the end of the month. But…we’ll see.


  2. Linda Joyce says:


    Thank you! Soon. Very soon!



  3. Linda Joyce says:

    The Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is August 29th.

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