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It’s Wednesday. You probably know that, but what you don’t know is what I’m contemplating.

The answer – Christi Corbett and her debut novel, Along the Way Home.

I’m excited to introduce Christi to you.

Join me in celebrating the release of her novel. And…Christi is revealing little secrets about herself!

Christi Confessions: I’m addicted to coffee, sticky notes, and the Oxford Comma. I live in a small town in Oregon with my husband and our twins. Our home’s location was especially inspiring as I wrote Along the Way Home because the view from the back door is a hill travelers looked upon years ago as they explored the Oregon Territory and beyond.

My debut novel, Along the Way Home, is a “sweet” historical romance about a family and their trail guide’s adventures on the 1843 Oregon Trail. It releases in ebook format on June 11, 2013 and in print sometime in July of 2013. It will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Astraea Press (my publisher) and wherever ebooks are sold.

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When I’m not writing I love chatting with readers and writers alike. You can find me in one of the following locations:
Blog: http://christicorbett.wordpress
Twitter: @ChristiCorbett
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Along the Way Home Back Cover Copy:
Kate Davis is intrigued when her father reveals his dream of starting a horse ranch in Oregon Territory. Settlers out west value a strong woman, and though she manages the financials of her father’s mercantile her competence earns her ridicule, not respect, from Virginia’s elite society.

Jake Fitzpatrick, an experienced trail guide, wants land out west to raise cattle and crops. But dreams require money and he’s eating dandelion greens for dinner. So when a wealthy businessman offers double wages to guide his family across the Oregon Trail, Jake accepts with one stipulation—he is in complete control.

Departure day finds Kate clinging to her possessions as Jake demands she abandon all he deems frivolous, including her deceased mother’s heirlooms. Jake stands firm, refusing to let the whims of a headstrong woman jeopardize the wages he so desperately needs—even a beautiful one with fiery green eyes and a temper to match.

Trail life is a battle of wills between them until tragedy strikes, leaving Jake with an honor-bound promise to protect her from harm and Kate with a monumental choice—go back to everything she’s ever known or toward everything she’s ever wanted?

Here’s where you can get your copy of Christi’s book:

Barnes and Noble
Astraea Press (Christi’s publisher)!/~/product/category=662245&id=24561961
It will be on Kobo soon.

Along the Way Home Links
Book Trailer:
I have several Pinterest pages, including ones about my inspirations behind Along the Way Home, Oregon Trail landmarks, horses, cowboys, writing funnies, and lots of fun ideas for EASY crafts with the kiddos.

Now for a little more about the woman behind the words. Christi has answered a few more questions about herself.

First, I’d like to give a big thank you to Linda for allowing me to host her blog today! I truly appreciate her sharing her readers with me as I celebrate the release of my debut novel, Along the Way Home.

Linda has posed some very entertaining questions for me!

What’s my favorite candy?
A little known candy called a Chick-O-Stick. It’s kind of like a knockoff of a Butterfinger, but round and covered with a dusting of coconut.

Here’s the Wikipedia Link:

Fun story about this candy: I had braces for SIX years (yeah, my teeth were that bad) growing up. Third grade to ninth grade I bore the moniker of “Metal Mouth”, suffered through the monthly tightening, and covered my brackets with wax so they wouldn’t gouge my cheeks.

One fine day in seventh grade, I bit into a delicious Chick-O-Stick and promptly knocked my bottom bracket off my back molar. Unfortunately this resulted in a trip to the orthodontist, and yet another lecture about breaking the rules and eating things I shouldn’t (corn on the cob was my favorite act of rebellion).

What’s my favorite holiday?
I would have to say Christmas, because in addition to celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ we also get to see our family and close friends.

What’s my dream car?
A 1969 Chevy Chevelle. It’s the ultimate in power and performance, and I love the sleek lines. Also I would prefer a manual transmission so I could really get those tires spinning!

What’s my dream date?
Going anywhere with my husband. We’ve been married for almost thirteen years and he still manages to make even trips to the grocery store fun.

What about you? What’s your favorite candy? Favorite Holiday? Dream Car? Dream Date?

I hope you enjoyed meet Christi and learning about her book. I’m especially interested in Along the Way Home because I used to live in Kansas City and have learned quite a bit about the Oregon Trail. I look forward to reading her debut novel.

Happy Reading!

Linda Joyce


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Writing is a curious journey. You don't pick it, it picks you. See my website at to learn more about me.
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6 Responses to Along the Way Home

  1. I think I’m driving my dream car (until I have car trouble) a 2006 BMW 330ci Convertible. Very fun, but not much room. I had braces too, but didn’t get them until I was 17. That’s when I began to smile. Funny about those things, isn’t it? Your house sounds wonderful.

    • christicorbett says:


      We are kindred car spirits! We just sold our convertible BMW two months ago and while it was my dream car, it wasn’t very practical for our twins. More importantly, I didn’t want them driving it when they turn 16 😀

      Braces too?! Wow, didn’t your teeth feel so smooth the day you got them off? Funny thing, even to this day I still don’t eat an apple by taking bites, I always cut it into slices. Years of not being able to take a bite formed that habit I guess.

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment!

      Christi Corbett

    • Linda Joyce says:


      I love your car!


      Linda Joyce

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  3. maggielworth says:

    Long live the Oxford comma!! Though my dream car in a 1955 Chevy Nomad 🙂 Fun book concept and great cover! Congrats on your new release.

    • christicorbett says:

      Oxford Comma!

      Now when I see writing that doesn’t use the comma I tend to put it in with my mind 🙂

      Thanks for visiting!

      Christi Corbett

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