Examination and Recalibration


It’s June. We are almost halfway through 2013. Now is the time for examination.
How are you doing with your goals for the year? Which ones have you hit? How many are a partial punch? Do you want to forget the total flub?

I start in December penciling my goals on three-hole punched, blue-lined notebook paper. I don’t craft the wording in ink. There are sure to be changes as December marches to the end and I cross days off the calendar.

In the moments between holiday hoopla, I find quiet moments for contemplation (my sanity requires this kind of downtime) with the hopes of launching the new year with a plan in place. I always use this acronym for each goal:


S = Specific
M = Measureable
A = Attainable
R= Realistic
T= Timely

Here’s an example of one of my goals for 2013:

S = Write book 3 of the Fleur de Lis series – Back to the Bayou
M = 90,000-word manuscript.
A = This can be done by setting a weekly word goal.
R= The goal is in alignment with my overall writing mission.
T= Complete by June 30th.


Back to the Bayou
11,146 words into the 90,000-word manuscript.
Weekly goal of 3500 words just didn’t happen on this manuscript.

In the past, this goal would’ve been met without breaking a sweat. However, in the past, I wasn’t published and promoting a book while editing a second with my editor, AND writing a third book. In short, my writing world changed in 2013 and I’m in the process of adapting.

It’s time for Recalibration. What do I specifically want to accomplish in the next six months? What will have I to change in my schedule to reach my writing goals? Am I taking on too much by writing short stories along with novels? How important are conferences and workshops when they take me away from writing?

I’ll be penciling in my recalibrated goals for the rest of 2013. I could eliminate writing short stories. That’s a definite thing to ponder since I must meet my contractual obligations.

Hope you’ll take the time in June for examination and recalibration of what needs to be accomplished in your life, then plan a celebration for all your hard work so far this year. Also, celebrations are important. Please share how your goals are going and give me some tips on celebrating.

Happy Reading!

Linda Joyce


About Linda Joyce

Writing is a curious journey. You don't pick it, it picks you. See my website at www.Linda-Joyce.com to learn more about me.
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8 Responses to Examination and Recalibration

  1. christicorbett says:

    I have goals set for the next six months, with the next three being quite fluid because my twins are about to get out of school for the summer which renders our house into total chaos. I can’t write when they’re awake so that means I change my writing time to at night.

    Christi Corbett

    • Linda Joyce says:


      Going with the flow is a good skill to have. I found writing difficult when my book came out. So many blog posts to write and SWAG to make, etc. Keep me posted on how it goes for you. I’m open to new tips.:-)



  2. Theresa Hupp says:

    Some years are like this. I find I have to recalibrate frequently. It does help to step back and look at the big picture — and you SHOULD celebrate your accomplishments, which are many!

    • Linda Joyce says:


      Thanks for the note. What do you do to celebrate? I am looking to incorporate celebration into my goal setting process. 🙂



      • Theresa Hupp says:

        Chocolate truffles work for me. So do scones. Sitting in the sun with a book (and LOTS of sunscreen), but not if it’s humid.

      • Linda Joyce says:


        Chocolate truffles. Are there any other kind?
        I have to say that I’m fighting the resistence I feel to establishing the Timeliness part of my goals. Hopefully before the month is over, I’ll have conquered that…maybe a chocolate truffle will melt the pushback I feel.



  3. I should totally write out my goals. How insightful.

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