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Kathy L. Wheeler writing as Kae Elle Wheeler has an engaging writing voice and her series is delightful. I am looking forward to this book! I invite you to share the journey with me.


Linda Joyce

Release Parties @ TRS

I’m late for work this morning, but I’m popping in to say hello.

Kae Elle Wheeler

The English Lily was released last Wednesday through The Wild Rose Press. This book is a fourth in my Cinderella Series. Book I, The Wronged Princess is available for free on Smashwords. The English Lily is also a part of the Oklahoma Romance Writers Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll books. Each book, whether paranormal, historical, contemporary, etc., has some kind of tie to Oklahoma, a cursed doll who avenges her owner in some way, are fun romances from sweet to spicy.

This is my go round for the Scrimshaw Doll tales. My first book is a contemporary set in Oklahoma City’s small unique art district of Paseo.


Happy Reading!

Kae Elle

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