4 out of 5 Star Review for Bayou Born

Evolved World. Ever been there? It’s THE place for contemporary women.

Sophie Sansregret posted a review of Bayou Born. An excerpt from the review:

It is a romance which includes the real world of near-miss car accidents (and one helluva plane incident), sinks gone awry, cheating, stalking fiancés, new jobs, and one’s first trip to a honky tonk.

Did I say honky tonk? Yeah I did. I live in “the North” in Canada (and I mean NORTH). We don’t have honky tonks. We have bars and “the Legion”. I want to go to a honky tonk now. I think we’re missing some great fun.

I hope you’ll make the click to visit Sophie at Evolved World.


Then, I hope you’ll enjoy the journey of Branna and James.


Happy Reading!

Linda Joyce


About Linda Joyce

Writing is a curious journey. You don't pick it, it picks you. See my website at www.Linda-Joyce.com to learn more about me.
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9 Responses to 4 out of 5 Star Review for Bayou Born

  1. Don Clements says:

    See!  Donald Clements


  2. reneeregent says:

    Downloaded this, next on my TBR list. With all the buzz, I can’t wait to read it!

  3. bethtrissel says:

    Congrats! Lovely cover.

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