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Today we’re lucky to have Lisa Dawn joining us from the Wild Rose Press. After author contracts are signed, after manuscript edits are submitted, and the book cover creation is gazed upon, Lisa becomes the most visible person in the company. She’s a lifeline for many authors. Her role at The Wild Rose Press is one that every author counts on–Marketing.

She’s going to fill us in on the behind-the-scenes things that happen at The Wild Rose Press.

Linda: When did you start with TWRP?

Lisa Dawn: I started in 2006 shortly after the company opened. I started here as an author. I may have subbed my manuscript before they were technically opened. I had met Rhonda and several of the editors online through an RWA chapter contest.
Linda: How did you submit even before there was a Wild Rose Press?

Lisa Dawn: Rhonda and several editors judged an RWA chapter contest. I was the coordinator for the contest and was immediately impressed with all Rhonda and The Wild Rose Press represented.

Linda: How did you find/get the job?

Lisa Dawn: It was a natural development over time. Initially there was a need. As an author newly contracted with a new company, I had lots of questions and even more ideas. I did have experience in marketing but not with a publishing company. Within a short period of time, I realized the garden was different and that I wanted to be a part of this journey with Rhonda and RJ. I think everyone at TWRP feels as I do. It’s a wonderful place to work and to publish.


Linda: What is your formal job description? Would you outline your major duties?
Lisa Dawn: I’m the Marketing Director and author liaison, but my job duties go beyond that. I’m also what I call Rhonda’s ‘go to girl.’ I do whatever needs done. I help take care of the authors, and I research new tools for marketing the books and the company as a whole.

I’ve been with the company almost from the beginning. I’ve seen TWRP grow as a publisher. I should be able to tackle just about anything you want to ask.

Linda: As the Author Liaison, how do you support the authors?

Lisa Dawn: As author liaison, I’m always an email away for any question an author may have from the time they are contracted to well after their books have released.

As for helping authors with marketing and publishing in general, The Wild Rose Press hosts a Tuesday night chat at 8pm ET. Each week a new topic is discussed. We are active on social media, blogging, conferences, conventions, a bi-weekly newsletter, television campaigns, print ads and more. In general, The Wild Rose Press makes continued efforts to see every author reach sales success with their books.

There are regular posts on our editor’s blog.

Linda: The Wild Rose Press has been voted #1 Publisher for five years running by Editors and Preditors. What’s different now than when the company first opened its doors in 2006?

Lisa Dawn: Rhonda and RJ are always adapting to the changes in the publishing industry. Recently The Wild Rose Press has opened to submissions outside the romance genres. We now take mainstream suspense, women’s fiction, erotica and will consider mainstream stories in paranormal and historical.

They have also started a self-publishing division at

But something that will never change, and what I believe is key in our success is that The Wild Rose Press has open communication with their authors. They are a publishing company built by authors for authors. Rhonda and RJ are always there for their staff and most importantly for the authors.

Linda: About how many active authors are with the company now?

Lisa Dawn: The Wild Rose Press is always looking for fresh voices and old favorites. There is plenty of room in the garden for new and established authors.

Linda: The Wild Rose Press serves its readers with a variety of genres, and most in varying lengths. Please tell us more about this.

Lisa Dawn: Our lines are names after Roses in the garden. Black Rose for paranormal romances, Yellow Rose for western contemporary romances and Cactus rose for western historical romances to name a few. We publish manuscripts from 7500 words and up. However, our erotic romance and erotica titles, Scarlet Rose, are on an adult site. In Scarlet Rose, manuscripts over 5000 words are accepted.

Linda: Does the Wild Rose Press have special calls for submissions?

Lisa Dawn: There are always several active calls for submissions. These can be found on our submissions page. Currently Scarlet Rose is looking for Subs in Training, Champagne Rose has the Millionaire’s Club, Sweetheart Rose has the Flower Basket Series, Last Rose of Summer has the Dearly Beloved Series, American Rose and Vintage Rose have the American Heroes Series, all the historical lines are involved in the Love Letters Series and Crimson Rose has the Summer Heat Series.

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If you have questions for Lisa Dawn, she’ll be stopping by to answer them.

Happy Reading!

Linda Joyce


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19 Responses to Marketing Miles to go before sleep

  1. Leanne Davis says:

    Great interview…and TWRP is an amazing place to be published! And thank you Lisa for being an accessible and helpful link for authors to publisher!

  2. Always fun to learn more about The Garden. So neat how you became the Marketing Director, Lisa!

  3. Liz Flaherty says:

    Great interview, ladies. Lisa, you make an already friendly publisher like TWRP into a “feet-up-let’s-talk” place!

  4. stanalei15 says:

    Can I just say… I LOVE YOU, LISA!!! You are one of the good guys in a world where good guys are hard to find. I’m so glad you’re there with TWRP as I jumped aboard. Thank you and thanks to Rhonda and RJ for all you do for your authors.

  5. Sarah Hoss says:

    Great interview! Thank you so much for letting us into your world Lisa! The team of Lisa, RH, Rhonda, and my editor, Frances, has made my venture into becoming a published author a very smooth one.

  6. Lisa Dawn says:

    I love feeling the love. 🙂

  7. bethtrissel says:

    Wonderful interview and Lisa, you are the best!

  8. Mary Ricksen says:

    Lisa, it’s people like you that make TWRP so great! Thanks for all your efforts…

  9. Jan Romes says:

    Nice interview, Linda & Lisa! :-)) Thanks for all you do!

  10. I will have to pass this one to my aspiring author friends 🙂

  11. Nona Raines says:

    Thanks for a great interview! Lisa is so helpful and approachable. It’s awesome that we authors have her in our corner!

  12. Loved hearing from Lisa Dawn – thank you so much for all your hard work on behalf of TWRP and the authors! Much appreciated 🙂

  13. margtanner says:

    Hi Lisa,
    That is a fabulous blog, so interesting to get a little behind the scenes information. I have been with TWRP since 2007, and I have to say how approachable they have always been, and as for your good self, you are exceptional.
    Thanks you.



  14. Jackie Rod says:

    Lisa, Thanks for the fantastic information about marketing. This lets writers see how important your job is and what you can do for them. I did not know that Wild Rose Press had so many divisions/lines. The names are so appropriate for the genre. 🙂 A company founded by authors for authors is bound to be great!

  15. It’s exciting to be with a company from its inception–makes you feel like a part of its history. Thanks for all that you do, Lisa!

  16. Great interview.Since I hate self-promotion because I really suck at it, it’s nice to know Lisa is there, sending our books to review sites, promoting those free days on Amazon, posting our new releases on FB, and twitter and creating new ways to get our books out there.

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