Writerly Uses for Excel – Part 3

I’m a “C” level user of excel and I believe these posts will help me greatly. I use an excel spreadsheet to track my plotting, character details, and chapter notes. This may take me to a whole new level of organization.

If you put this to use- leave me a note and share. I’ll take all the suggestions I can.


Linda Joyce

Writers In The Storm Blog

by Jenny Hansen

Earlier this year, we started talking about Microsoft Excel and all the ways writers could use it without hyperventilating.

In case you missed the other two posts, I’ve linked them below:

Part 1 – Excel Shortcuts and Helpful Tricks
Part 2 – Doing Formulas without Freaking Out

Laura Drake also did a post last November about Keeping Your Novel Organized In Excel. (It was excellent!)

We did all that baseline work to ensure that everyone was on the same page, with at least a moderate level of skill and comfort. I’m hoping you’ve been at least opening your Excel and giving it a periodic keystroke.

Today’s Part 3 is going to cover some more time-saving tricks like Quick Formulas, Data tools like Filters and Subtotals, and Saving a Workspace.

Get ready to rock some Excel!

Quick Formulas

Since I’m starting to explore some freelance writing…

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4 Responses to Writerly Uses for Excel – Part 3

  1. Jackie Rod says:

    Excel sounds like a great idea for organization. Let me know how it works out for you, Linda.

  2. Donald Clements says:

    Gee, maybe i should develop a plug-in….. 🙂

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