Connections – got them with author J.A. Dennam

J A Dennam

I love the game of six degrees of separation.

Some of you are nodding your heads as you read this because you already know that about me.

Some folks on Facebook challenged me, folks I’ve never met before…and it never took a full six degrees for us to find a connection. If you doubt me, find me on Facebook at Linda Joyce and let’s play the game. *smiles*

Connections, I ferret them out whenever I meet someone new. Though, I have, as far as I know, never met J.A. Dennam in person, we are linked through our love of romantic stories. She prefers suspense and adventure, while I prefer the tribulations of family. We are also linked with a Kansas connection. I lived in Olathe, a suburb of Kansas City for twelve years. I traveled all over the state while I lived there. She’s a small town Kansas girl. I’m sure that if we sit and talk about life, we have less than six degrees of separation.

Then, I learned something else that connects J.A. and I – food!

J.A. is the author of three books: Truth and Humility, Flesh of Angels, and Flesh of the Father.
The newest of these is Truth and Humility.

T&H3D JA Dennam

I am pleased to introduce author J.A. Dennam~

Linda: Thank you for coming today. I understand you have four children. Do you make up bedtime stories for each of them?

J.A.: Not often. They are very good at creating their own, though. My girls are actively writing and one of my sons suffers from insomnia like I did as a child. I encourage him to create his own story from beginning to end before falling asleep. It was a trick I used.

Linda: How do you think your fine art and your culinary passions influence your writing?

J.A.: Well, my first heroine was an artist. I incorporated some of my own artwork into the story and one piece even held an important clue to unraveling part of the mystery. How cool is that?? My second heroine was a baker. I loved writing about food especially. For some reason it’s a lot like writing about sex.

Linda: Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

J.A.: I’ve put a lot of thought into this. I got nuthin’. Andy Whitfield for sure, but unfortunately he passed away. What a wonderful talent he was and ooooh so sexy.

Linda: What do you do to cure any writer’s block or writing procrastination you experience?

J.A.: I either read other books to rediscover the flow, or pay attention to things happening around me to cure the block. Something ALWAYS pops up that I can run with. For example: In the grocery checkout line, the woman ahead of me bought 4 cans of Easy Cheese. From that, I incorporated the use of Easy Cheese in the torture method that coaxed my bad guy into spilling important information. Also in the first book. I had fun with that 

Linda: Did you discover a new aspect of yourself when writing each of the books?

J.A.: Oh, yes. Whenever I’m in a bind, I try to think like one of my characters. I usually come up with something extraordinary that I wouldn’t otherwise. Then I realize…hey, that was really me!

Linda: What advice do you have for writers new to the process?

J.A.: Read a lot of books while you’re writing your first one. Your writing style may fluctuate, so edit like crazy until it’s consistent from beginning to end. Keep it under 85k words because publishers don’t want anything larger from a first time author.

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I hope you enjoyed spending time with J.A. Dennam. If you have questions, you can find her on:

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Twitter – @JADennam
Goodreads –
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Happy Reading!

Linda Joyce


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7 Responses to Connections – got them with author J.A. Dennam

  1. G. Aliceson says:

    Always great to learn about an author new to me. Loved the cheese in a can anecdote. Will be checking J. A. Dennam out.Thanks Linda for a great interview.

  2. I have so much in common with J.A. From art to they way I get past the writing procrastination. Excellent insight. Thank you sharing.

  3. bookpeeps says:

    Terrific interview, Linda! I loved the part where J.A. talks about how she gets past writer’s block, especially the inspiration she received while in the check out line at the supermarket. “Easy Cheese” as a torture method?…I want to read the book just to see how she made that work!

  4. I love when stories feature an artist as a main character! Great interview!

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