Mardi Gras is Tuesday! And you can win a prize~

Cathedral by Roy Tennant

© Copyright 2013 Roy Tennant,

This is the last Mardi Gras post. I’m feeling a bit sad about that, yet looking forward to going home to participate in THE party.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the countdown with me to Fat Tuesday. Music and the culture rock everywhere in New Orleans. The scent of fried seafood and spicy gumbos can be found on every block of the city.

Have you discovered something new about the City that Care Forgot?

Today marks the start of the big finale that will conclude at midnight on February 12th.
Then, the police will clear Bourbon Street, the last holdout of riotous partying in the French Quarter. The strike of midnight ushers in Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.

We will be slipping into the city early Saturday morning. Promptness is required or we won’t make it to our hotel before the police barricade the streets, particularly Canal, to make a clear path for the parades coming through. We want to avoid parking on the street and leaving a car full of luggage.

While in NOLA, I’ll be collecting beads and other “throws.” I’m going to pack them up and bring them home, then offer them as prize. Throws are collectibles and a coveted item. I’ll also include in a copy of my book, Bayou Born (mailed at a later date after the print release of April 12).

Here’s the gig.

I’m posting a quiz. The answers to which can be found by reading my Friday Mardi Gras posts. Leave me a Reply with your answers to this blog post. All folks with all correct answers posted between now and midnight CST on 2/12 will have their names tossed into a hat for a drawing.

<strong>**If you would prefer to keep your Quiz Answers confidential, go to my website, click on Contact, and send me a private email through my website. 🙂

I’ll post the winner by the end of February.

(The winner will need to send me a mailing address for a location within the USA.)


1. What’s the true name of the riverboat in the movie; Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?

2. Which musical artist wrote and performed This City?

3. Who is my favorite Blues man?

4. What’s the calling card of a riverboat?

5. What’s the name of Susan Spicer’s restaurant?

6. What part of my Mardi Gras costume did Ginny Lynn Harrison make?

7. Who were my guest bloggers on the topic of Mardi Gras?

8. When exactly is Twelfth Night?

9. What is my husband’s favorite meal in New Orleans?

10. What are Mardi Gras colors and what do they stand for?

I hope you have a purple, green, and gold good time on Tuesday.

Let the good times roll!

Linda Joyce


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  1. Cheryl Hart says:

    Do we post our answers here, in the reply section?

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