The 7-7-7 Game with Bayou Born


The photo is from one of my trips to the bayous of Louisiana.

I am honored that Claire Croxton tagged me to play The 7-7-7- Game.

Please check out her blog and read her seven lines of Loch Lonnie. It’s a Claire Croxton original…of course there’s love, sex and snark.


• Go to page 77 of your own book or manuscript.
• Count down seven lines.
• List the seven lines that follow.
Then, Tag seven authors to do the same.
(Checkout my Facebook post. I’ve tagged my seven.)

My 7-7-7 offering is from Bayou Born, my debut novel, which will make its appearance mid-April. Today, I received a copy of the cover! I’ll be showing it off real soon.

Bayou Born is the first in the Fleur de Lis series. Branna Lind is the heroine of this book and James Newbern, the hero.

Here’s the blurb for my book:

Branna Lind’s self-esteem rests at the bottom of the Mississippi River. She canceled her “wedding of the decade,” though she isn’t saying why. She wants life on her own terms, no ready-made job in the family business, no safety net of close-knit kin, and no more betrayal.

College professor James Newbern prizes his bachelorhood. Experience has taught him beautiful women are high-maintenance trouble and Branna fits that type. He is happy to avoid her until the college vice president assigns him to mentor the newest hire–Branna.

Branna is on her way to a new life, but will the scars of the past send her running from love? If she doesn’t, will she convince James that she truly is his “type”?

Now for page 77, 7 lines down, and showing the next 7 lines of Bayou Born

Bzzz. Bzzz. Bzzz. She jumped. Wading through the fog of sleep, she
grabbed for the phone.

“Hello?” she whispered.

“Good morning. If you change into a pumpkin at midnight, what time do you change back?”

“Uh? What?” she stammered. “Who’s speaking?”

“James Newbern.”

She sat up and clutched the sheet to cover herself, then rolled her eyes. For Pete’s sake, he couldn’t see her.
* * *

Stay tuned as more is revealed about Bayou Born.

Happy Reading!

Linda Joyce


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Writing is a curious journey. You don't pick it, it picks you. See my website at to learn more about me.
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10 Responses to The 7-7-7 Game with Bayou Born

  1. Fantastic Linda! I can’t wait to read the finished product. Good stuff!

    • Linda Joyce says:


      Thanks for the note. And, Thank you! for tagging me to play.

      I’m thinkin’ we need to do beach stories…and of course, would need to head to the beach for research. Just sayin’


      Linda Joyce

  2. Donald Clements says:

    Me either! And, I’ve read most of it already. 🙂 Awesome!

  3. Julia C says:

    Omg I can’t wait to read the whole book!!!! So proud and happy for you! Xoxo

    • Linda Joyce says:

      Miss Julia,

      Thank you so much! And, I know how you love books. I’m going to bookplates of the cover and autograph them for folks who buy the story as an eBook.


  4. Alicia Dean says:

    Nice! Thank you for tagging me, Linda. And thank you for sending me your wonderful book. I’m honored to be your editor! Can’t wait for release day!

    • Linda Joyce says:


      Thanks for stopping in. You have helped me grow as a writer, and I thank for your time and support.

      Now for a nudge. When can I expect Book 3 of the Northside Chronicles? Don’t leave hanging for too long. 🙂


      Linda Joyce

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