Here It Comes: The Bookless Library (Sooner than I expected)

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I found this post by another blogger very compelling. I’m sharing it because I want to know what you think about a Bookless Library.

Please click on the link, then immerse yourself in the topic. Please share at BookPeeps’s site your thoughts and feelings, or come back here and answer BookPeep’s questions.

Here It Comes: The Bookless Library (Sooner than I expected).

1.How do you feel about the general trends in technology? Are you right in step, falling behind or have no interest in technology and wish everyone would just get a life and spend more time reading a real book than using an e-reader or smart phone?

2.Do you think it’s only the older generations that might oppose the move to all digital libraries? What’s your take on this digital library concept?

3.Do you think we could strike a happy balance by having books, e-readers and computers housed together as they currently are but perhaps with a real upgrade on the technology side? I know at my public library the computers are ancient and they definitely need an upgrade. Preferably to iMacs & iPads

Resources: NPR A New Chapter? A Launch Of The Bookless Library
~Linda Joyce


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2 Responses to Here It Comes: The Bookless Library (Sooner than I expected)

  1. bookpeeps says:

    Thanks so much, Linda! I appreciate all the support you have so generously given me.

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