Mardi Gras – Louisiana Ho-li-day!

Count Down: 108 days until Mardi Gras.

Before you continue reading, click on the link and give a listen to a very favorite musical artist of mine: Tab Beniot. I’ve followed him to many venues in several states to see him play. Take a listen to Jambalaya. (The photo was taken at Skippers and pulled from Rick Honeyboy Hart’s blog.)

Yes, in the Pelican state, Mardi Gras is a holiday celebrated with an enthusiasm that matches Christmas. When most of the other 49 states in the U.S. are winding down and putting away holiday decorations, down in the bayou, Carnival is getting underway.
Mardi Gras is only one day. However, Carnival is THE season for celebration. Twelfth Night or January 6th (the twelfth day after Christmas) launches the season that lasts until Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras.

Do you know how to calculate the date of the day of last big “hoorah”? Grab your Farmer’s Almanac. Find the date of first full moon AFTER the Spring Equinox, then count back 47 days. In 2013, it will be 02-12-13.

On Twelfth Night, there are parades and celebrations throughout the state. Parties include King Cake; a pastry decorated with Mardi Gras colors: green, purple and gold. Often there is a small plastic baby inside. Whoever gets the baby in their slice has to provide the next cake. The homemade cakes I’ve had, instead of plastic baby, a Mardi Gras doubloon was used.

Check out Christy Jordan’s site. She has a great step-by-step King Cake recipe I can’t wait to try. Maybe we need to have a King Cake bake off. Anyone up for that?

Now about Mardi Gras colors. I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but according to the Mardi Gras New Orleans site, the Krewe of Rex selected the official Mardi Gras colors in 1872 to honor the visiting Russian Grand Duke Romanoff, who suggested the colors.

Purple is for Justice.
Green is for Faith.
Gold is for Power.

Stay tuned for more Mardi Gras next Friday.

Happy Reading and Writing,

Linda Joyce


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4 Responses to Mardi Gras – Louisiana Ho-li-day!

  1. Jackie Rod says:

    Thanks for sharing the coool info on Mardi Gras, Linda. We need to get ourselves over to LA for the annual celebration in about 90 days. I keep Mardi Gras beads hanging in my laundry room. 🙂

  2. Loving this series and the tunes! I have a Girl Party each spring with a theme and Mari Gras was the theme last year!

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