Drink the WooWoo Juice

Gather round. No need to form a line. This is not about A Woo Woo, the beverage made of vodka, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice, then served as a cocktail in a highball glass. The elixir I’m offering is a different kind. It’s a two-ingredient combination with positive possibilities designed just for you.

What do you want in life? Love? Money? Fame? Good Health? A New York Times Best Seller? The list can be as long as you can dream it. But only if you open to the positive possibilities of your life.

Opening ourselves, like opening a door, requires some effort. We’re not superheros where a tweak our nose makes something happen. (Just remember, even tweaking requires effort.)

Here are the ingredients for my WooWoo Juice: Intention + Focus = Manifestation

Yes, it’s that simple.

Create an intention. Bring focus to it. Manifestation is results.

As a writer, I have many examples of manifestation in my life; however, I want to examine something that touches us all – our health. I’ll tell you my story in a moment. First, let’s look at the components of my two-ingredient cocktail.

Create an intention.

What do you want in your life? Identify it specifically.

Intention is a noun defined as:
1) The end or object intended; purpose.

Next, add focus to the intention
A SMART Goal would be a good place to begin your focus. (See the blog post from December 2011)

Focus as a verb means:
1) To Concentrate

In simple terms, identify a purpose and concentrate on it. The result is Manifestation, which defined is an outward materialization. In other words, you are able to experience manifestation in a tangible way through sight, touch, hearing, taste, and/or smell.

The example from my life of intention+focus=manifestation involves my four-legged boys and my butt. General Beauregard is a fifty-pound Brittany spaniel and when he runs, he could be mistaken for a herd of bison. His brother, Gentleman Jack weighs in at about forty pounds and follows after Beau, adding to the stampede.

One morning about eight years ago, I was carrying seven-pound Renoir, or Reni Rocket as we affectionately call him, in my arms headed downstairs. I made the mistake of not encouraging the “big boys” to go down the stairs first in front of me.

The staircase winds around with two small landings before reaching the main floor. One-step past the first landing, where the staircase makes its first turn, Jack and Beau flew down the stairs chasing each other. Beau clipped my right leg and I started to fall. I pitched Reni over the railing – he landed unhurt on the couch. I tried to right myself, but failed, and landed on my butt. For accuracy, I bounced on the left cheek.

Yes, it hurt. It hurt for almost eight years. Seeking relief from the persistent pain, I am sure I have single handedly provided vacation funds for my doctor, chiropractor, massage therapist and acupuncturist. The relief was never long lasting.
After that ungraceful landing, my mantra became, “I navigate steps safely.” While that has ensured that I have never fallen on any stairs again, it did not stop the pain.

This year, I created a new intention: I have good health.

I started with a physical in February to identify all the issues I’ve been avoiding. My new doctor would not let me leave the office without an EKG when he read my cholesterol levels.

After identifying my health issues and coming up with a list of plans (bringing focus), I’m happy to report that recently I checked a box on a health form that asks if I work out three times or more a week. I do.

About that pain. It’s gone.

I brought focus to my intention of good health by actively caring for myself through yoga and Pilates. I describe the manifestation of my intention+focus as “sitting pain-free.” It is definitely tangible in my life. I didn’t remember that sitting could feel good.

As for stairs, regardless if Beau and Jack are around, before traversing them, you can still hear me mutter, “I navigate steps safely,” especially on the way down.

What positive possibilities are you willing to manifest in your life?

Happy Reading!

Linda Joyce

P.S. A special “Thank you” to Kelly L. Stone for her “Free Your Creative Mind” seminar at the Moonlight and Magnolia conference.


About Linda Joyce

Writing is a curious journey. You don't pick it, it picks you. See my website at www.Linda-Joyce.com to learn more about me.
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9 Responses to Drink the WooWoo Juice

  1. kcbobbie says:

    Love this whole formula that you have developed. I so agree with you. And love the story also.

    • Linda Joyce says:


      Thank you! I’m putting the process into practice in many areas of my life.
      As for Renoir, Beau and Jack- they are all ten years old now. The vet can’t believe it. They are healty and energetic. Much of my world revolves around my boys. 🙂

      Linda Joyce

  2. pamelavmason says:

    Well, I think the focus part is what’s tripping me up (sorry).
    I have all the intentions, and I do focus, but I keep digging deeper… and maybe there are some things I’d prefer to keep buried, because it’s too hard to look at them for long.
    Which makes me pop out of my chair or find a different task to procrastinate with.
    I know it’s a skill, to learn to concentrate and finish a task, but I also know that it doesn’t happen instantly. And things that are easier to do, that come naturally to me, are so tempting all the time… but they can be distractions on the way to the large goal.
    Well, anyway… I’m working on swallowing down the woo-woo juice and strengthening that skill.
    And wow… don’t you hate chronic pain? Hope you’re doing better now!
    Thank you for the good words and the support Linda!

    • Linda Joyce says:


      First off- give yourself credit for ALL that you do. I don’t know half of it, but that which I am aware of, I marvel at your daily stamina.

      I understand it’s challenging to stare too long at certain things. (WHY won’t that darn book just write itself?) The way to tackle big things is to set short doable goals along with the bigger long term ones.

      I am a “tasker” – one who loves to make lists and check things off. However, when I started my journey of good health this year (and you’ve seen me so you know I have a ways to go in the weight department) I didn’t send an end date. I violated the rules. I decided that having the intention and bringing focus would kick the Law of Attraction into gear. I am stronger than I’ve been in years. I can bend and move pain free, well, except for the dang foot, however, it’s healing, too.

      I hope the take-away from my story is one of Hope.

      Linda Joyce

  3. Becky says:

    Linda, I loved this, as I always do with your contemplations! I’m so happy you are pain free now, at least in most areas. I, too, have fallen down a step or two, not very many, and landed on my back or tail bone. It’s a miracle I haven’t been hurt AT ALL. Mine was just because of my own klutziness!! And, I’m “thinking” about losing weight (again!)…hopefully I’ll think of you and be more inspired. Thanks for a fabulous post!

    • Linda Joyce says:


      Thank you for your lovely note. Your comments are much appreciated. I am thank you that you have never been hurt! I think that means you’re flexible. 🙂

      By the way, would you consider being a guest blogger for me?


      Linda Joyce

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