Blogging into the Ether- Who are you?

The welcome mat is always out. Thanks for stopping by. How’s your day going? What’s new in your life?

I watch with fascination the stats from this blog. I love to look at the world map and see the highlighted countries where someone has clicked on my site.

I’ve traveled a lot. I’ve met many folks. When I see South Korea or Turkey in orange, I always wonder,

“Do I know you? Have we met somewhere along the way? Or do we know someone else in common? Are you the brother of a friend teaching English in a foreign country? Who are you?”

This goes back to my Six Degrees of Separation.

For example, my hubby is searching for a good used car for his mother. He called our realtor, who said I am the connection.

Follow the link.

1) I called my sister about her friend from high school (someone that I’d known, but not seen in many years) who lives in Atlanta.
2) She connected me to him.
3) He polled of some of his coworkers about recommendations about realtors.
4) I selected one of the recommendations – Realtor
5) Today, Realtor connected my husband with a car sales man, who happens to be the spouse of the person who made the initial Realtor recommendation.

I hope that when you click on my blog, regardless if you have a deep interest in the subject matter or not, I hope you’ll leave me a note. Connections bring us closer. It removes the mystery and the barriers. Learning about others educates us.

It spreads friendship.

Make a new friend today.

Happy Reading,
Linda Joyce


About Linda Joyce

Writing is a curious journey. You don't pick it, it picks you. See my website at to learn more about me.
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2 Responses to Blogging into the Ether- Who are you?

  1. Jackie Rod says:

    We are connected, Linda!! I missed you at GRW. You keep disappearing, so I need to tie a string to your wrist. 🙂

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