My Six Degrees of Separation from Lady Pricilla

Do you ever wonder what it’s like inside castle walls? Are proper English Ladies petticoat proud and privately not teetotalers? I first met Lady Pricilla before her life unfolded in print, and therefore was delighted to see her interview with Silver James. Ms. James has allowed me to repost the interview, which we’ll get to in a moment.

The thing I love about interviews is connection. I love to play Six Degrees of Separation: the theory that anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five intermediaries.

This is my six degrees of separation to Ms. James.

My first writing mentor was Mary-Lane Kamberg in Olathe, Kansas, who invited me to an OWFI conference in Norman, Oklahoma in May of 2009. There, I attended a seminar by New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author, Jodi Thomas. Later that year, I drove to Canyon, Texas to attended Jodi’s inaugural Writer’s Academy at West Texas A&M. While in that class, I met Kathy Wheeler, who writes as Kae Elle Wheeler. She was one of the students. After our week together, twelve of us bonded. We went on to form a group: Jodi’s Pioneers, and we meet once a year, though many of us see one another at conferences.

This week, via virtual reality, Kathy introduced me to Silver James.

As a result, I received an in-depth look into Lady Pricilla’s life.

I hope you will enjoy Silver James’ interview of Lady Pricilla from The Unlikely Heroine by Kae Elle Wheeler.

Today we have a royal guest. May I present Lady Pricilla, who just happens to be Cinderella’s stepsister—the one with the larger foot, if you remember your fairy tales. The beautiful, headstrong, and pragmatic Pricilla Louisa has no intention of raising a hoard of children. She has brains and uses them as the Land Agent for Prince Charming’s Chalmers Kingdom. I don’t want to give away her story, but a little bird told me that the Lady stumbled across a discrepancy in the books and went to investigate. When she steps out to confront the northern tenant, she and Sir Arnald, Prince Charming’s irresistible cousin, find themselves running for their lives.

Welcome, Lady Pricilla. I’m so pleased you found the time to visit with us today. Would you care for some tea and cakes? I know our readers are very curious about you so shall we begin?

*Lady Pricilla nods regally and reaches for her tea cup*

Are you familiar with this saying? A good friend will come bail you out of jail, but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying…’Damn, that was fun… Who would be sitting next to you?

I fear I have not heard that particular phrase. ’Tis somewhat blasphemous, non? If you shall give me but just a moment, mayhap I can interpret it. Does this mean I must sit in the dredges of the dungeon? All alone, pray? I must tell you, I cannot abide closed, confining spaces—closets, caves and such. *nodding* Ah, but you are asking rhetorically, non? Oui, oui. My sisters would be sitting alongside, me. We have pulled our share of pranks, I vow.

I can imagine you and Essie pulling pranks on Cinde as children. What about now? Will you give an example?

Mais oui. One particular incident occurred when I. . .um. . .happened upon an interesting little baton. ’Twas silver and thin. It fairly shimmered with a life of its own. When I waved it about, the sky rained streams of ribbons. I thought Cinde would swoon with fear. I vow she must have had some notion of its origin. Though she never said. Why, that silver stick dropped Prince Charming where he stood. *giggle* I used the impressive little wand to lift him bodily and I dropped him on the settee. Of course, then we were able to make a timely escape, with no one the wiser.

I get the sense that you are something of the ring leader.

Ha! As much as I adore my sisters—we were not always on the best of terms, you know—I am the one with the brains. Cinde was too besotted with the prince, and hiding the fact that our sister—poor Essie has that unfortunate eye-batting affliction, you know—would end up tied to the poor man for all of eternity. *scowl* As it happened, Essie had dainty feet and Cinde’s shoe fit Essie perfectly. And somehow, Essie wound up betrothed to Prince Charming. It was all quite the adventure.

Quite! Do you believe in friends with benefits?

Ha! Sir Arnald is much too attractive for the women at Chalmers. Why, the ninnyheads just look at him and stutter themselves silly, regardless if they are maids, maidens or matrons. There is no distinction. He, however, blames their attraction on his dear sweet mamán. He has tried to convince me that she has cast some ridiculous hoax on them.

I see. So, the ladies of Chalmers want him for more than friendship. What about you, Lady Pricilla? You say you don’t want to be involved with a man. But I think your heart speeds up just a bit when you speak of him.

Hmph! Though—he is of broad shoulder and capable of providing comfort in. . .ah. . .dark confining spaces. Caves and such. *shudder* I prefer not to speak of it.

When you first met Sir Arnald, were you friends, enemies, or lovers?

“Lovers! I should say not—I am a young woman of quality! We were certainly not friends. But I suppose we could not have been considered enemies, either. He did save me from my own mamá, you know. And, from smugglers. And being shot at—twice. . .Regardless, his mamán’s silly spell would never work on me!

Well, being the smart one, I can’t imagine how you’d be affected by a spell. How important are your friends to your Happy Ever After?

Once Cinde and Prince found their Happily Ever After, I was quite pleased, of course. I must admit, however, I’ve been most concerned when she became with child. She is so. . .so. . .wispy, frail. I fear there is no hope for Essie, poor dear. With that unflattering eye-fluttering so prominent. Mamá quite abhors it, and mamá can be most cruel. ’Tis quite hopeless.

You sound like a thoroughly capable young woman and I’m guessing you plan on creating your own HEA. Just one more thing. Will you describe for our readers what would be a perfect night spent with friends?

Mayhap a royal pardon from the mandatory dinner, to sit in my bed chamber with my dinner on a tray, gossiping about the latest horrid novel with my sisters? Oui, that is it!

That sounds like fun to me! So, readers…are you curious about Lady Pricilla and Sir Arnald?

Pricilla is one damsel who does not need rescuing by a Prince Charming unlike her sister, Cinderella.

Sir Arnald is used to women falling at his feet. After all, his mother’s magical matchmaking machinations are all too obvious. Yet somehow Lady Pricilla is immune to her hexes and those of his own compellation powers.

Soon they find themselves running from villains embroiled with smuggled goods and danger. Until true love discovers them.


Now, meet Kae Elle Wheeler:
She loves a happy endings. An introvert in high school, she bloomed into a busy social butterfly who loves sports. However, she’s serious about her craft. Her advice for new writers is to WRITE!

I hope you enjoyed Silver’s interview with Lady Pricilla as much as I did. The Unlikely Heroine is available at Amazon, B&N Nook, and Smashwords. Let me know how you much you enjoy her story.

Happy Reading!

Linda Joyce


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Writing is a curious journey. You don't pick it, it picks you. See my website at to learn more about me.
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14 Responses to My Six Degrees of Separation from Lady Pricilla

  1. morganmandel says:

    That six degrees of separation does seem to hold true in more ways than one. Usually if I or my husband or a friend, when we go somewhere, we bump into someone who grew up in our neighborhood, went to the same school. or knew someone we knew.

    • Linda Joyce says:


      Aren’t those connections interesting! Earlier, a guy on facebook (someone I’ve never met) said there had to be at least 15 degress of separation between us. I challenged him and we discovered, we are only one degree apart! We both know the same poet in Lawrence, Kansas. Too funny, right?
      Thank you for stopping by.

      Linda Joyce

  2. What a wonderful interview. I did so enjoy meeting Lady Pricilla.

  3. Once again, Miss Joyce you’ve done a fantastic interview. And Kathy, you’re brilliant! Loved how you kept in character through the entire piece. Well done, you two! As always!

  4. Jan Morrill says:

    I enjoy interviews with characters as much as interviews with their creators. 🙂 Sometimes I interview my own characters to get deeper into my story. They often spill secrets and surprises that change the story, in fact. Great interview, Linda and Kathy!

  5. R.T. Wolfe says:

    I love character interviews! So fun. Great job!
    -R.T. Wolfe
    Black Creek Burning, September 24

  6. Ann Greenfield says:

    You have the knack of bringing your characters to life. Love lady Pricilla. And I’ll have to think about my six degrees of separation.

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