Hot News!

Today’s post is short and sweet: Whoo Hoo!

I just received a signed contract from The Wild Rose Press for publication of my debut novel, Bayou Bound.

Yes, there are details to be managed, like book-cover art and back-cover blurbs and publication date – it’s going to be paperback and eBook. However, everything in its own good time.

For now, I’m celebrating, and please feel free to lift a glass with me. Whoo Hoo!

Linda Joyce


About Linda Joyce

Writing is a curious journey. You don't pick it, it picks you. See my website at to learn more about me.
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6 Responses to Hot News!

  1. Congratulations! Wonderful news.

  2. L J RODRIGUEZ says:

    I am so thrilled for you, Linda!!!!! Hugs, Jackie


  3. kcbobbie says:

    Congrats Linda. So happy for you.


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