Kim Pentecost explains the Biogrgaphy Channel’s The uneXplained

I met Kim Pentecost when she was visiting Kansas City in October 2001. I was seeking insights during a difficult time in my life and a dear friend recommended I meet with Kim. Other healers have described Kim as “one of the most gifted healers in the world.”

Since then, Kim has become a mentor, teacher, part of my sisterhood, a close friend, and at times a writing critique partner. Last summer, we roomed together at a writing conference.

Kim is also witty and funny, she enjoys life. I’ve seen her dance in the isles to music when we go grocery shopping. She loves art and savors a good meal. When we get together, we plan which new restaurants we’ll try, always on the hunt for a good “farm to table” place to eat. Kim is down to earth and at the same time Mensa-smart.

I am very excited for her. She is making her national television debut this Saturday, August 11th at 10:30 eastern on The uneXplained, the Biography Channel’s new original series that explores real unresolved mysteries and people who turn to metaphysical practices for answers. The first episodes aired on August 4th – Disappearance at Dead Man’s Curve followed by My Mysterious Seizures.

The show’s two future episodes will showcase Intuitive and Shamanic healer, Kim Pentecost.

• “The Faith Of My Recovery” Saturday, August 11th at 10:30 eastern/9:30central – The mother of a young woman who has been unable to speak or move for the last nine years seeks the help of Kim Pentecost to see if there is a reason and a cure for her daughter’s undiagnosed illness.

• “Is Blood Thicker Than Gold?” Saturday, September 8th at 10:00 eastern /9:00 central – Two brothers accuse their two sisters of stealing their gold coin inheritance, a feud that has torn their family apart. One of the brothers consults Kim to see if she can help him find the true culprit behind the missing coins.

Note your calendars to watch The uneXplained and catch upcoming episodes with Kim Pentecost. And for insights about Kim, I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with her.

Interview with Kim~

Linda Joyce (LJ): Kim, will you share with us what it means to be an Intuitive and Shamanic healer.
Kim: I am a trained clairvoyant, which means clear sight or clear seeing. After I have seen what is important in understanding the cause of the issues a client brings to the session, I also use my sight to shift the energy around the issue so that the person has an easier time, more clarity and can continue healing on his or her own. That’s rather the mechanics of being an intuitive healer. What it means is that I use my gifts for the healing of humanity, the planet and all that is. Healing is really bringing about a greater consciousness and therefore, a refined experience.

LJ: Have you ever worked on a TV show before The uneXplained?
Kim: I haven’t worked on one before though I have been interviewed on TV and radio. Being behind the scenes is a powerful experience. There is so much that goes into making a documentary that is filmed in real time. This team did a great job with integrity, compassion and incredible understanding.

LJ: What drew you to this project?
Kim: I have known the producer, Johanna Baldwin, and the executive producer, Russ Stratton, for a long time. I know them to be people of integrity and passion and knew they would bring the right focus.

LJ: Was there something that surprised you about working on the show?
Kim: The love and cooperation that came from complete strangers to help people in need. It was obvious and powerful and speaks volumes of the community of healers. You will see this in the show. Everyone gifted his or her time and resources including a Metametrix Clinical Lab, which is highly unusual and we are very grateful.

LJ: Are you still in touch with the families you worked with for your episodes?
Kim: One family. I will see them as often as I can. I talk with the mom and their Naturopath, Melissa Bennet, about the progress. Healing is ongoing. We are staying in contact with all the people and families. This is a project, not only to bring understanding to the, to actually help the families and that doesn’t stop when the season is over.

LJ: What do you believe are the greatest misconceptions people have about healers?
Kim: That this is not real and the work we do is not valid. Several years ago, I went to Russia on a cultural exchange with Russian healers and Shaman. I learned an amazing thing. In Russia, as in many other countries in the world, what I do is commonplace. Most people in the world see energetic healers before they would ever go to a medical doctor. It was fascinating and comforting to be the norm instead of the oddity.

LJ: When you meet people who are skeptical about healing, is there a common specific barrier most share?
Kim: It appears there are two, science and fear. Actually, both are fear based. Those involved in many scientific thoughts are fearful that there is something outside their control or understanding. Most people are simply afraid because energetic healing is outside their comfort zone. Most people come to the healing aspect of this work as a last resort.

LJ: Will you share with us what other types of things you do, like the classes you teach?
Kim: Thank you for asking. We just launched a new web site for WisdomDance, the Mystery School I founded along with the services I offer separate from the school. I am excited because it is so rich in what people can experience. The first thing is a phone workshop on August 18. We will be discussing the influences of the energetic happenings of the summer and be doing a meditation to help clear the inappropriate energies we have picked up. It is called, quite simply, Summer Healing.
There are other new classes and workshops as well as retreats and a brand new interactive blog. I could go on for a long time. Instead, I will invite you to check it out!
Thank you, Linda. It was great fun. Blessings to everyone.

Thanks for visiting with Kim and I. If you’d like to contact her, her office number is 843.606.2025 or email at

AND – after you watch the show on Saturday night, please share with me your impressions. Do have something that is uneXplained in your life?





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3 Responses to Kim Pentecost explains the Biogrgaphy Channel’s The uneXplained

  1. Jackie Rod says:

    Kim, Thank you for sharing your field of knowledge in a simple way that enables the untrained mind to understand. And thank you or sharing your friends with us, Linda. 🙂

    • Linda Joyce says:


      I hope you’ll watch the show this Saturday night. I am looking forward to it. Maybe I’ll see if Kim will do a Q and A in the near future, after the show airs.

      Linda Joyce

  2. timpeak says:

    thanks for all you do Kim. You are surely one of the best on the planet. tim

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