Day 1 – Begin with a Poem for National Poetry Month suggests 30 Ways to Celebrate. I selected: Put a Poem on Pavement. (I love alliteration.)

Pick a favorite line from a poem and choose a clean piece of sidewalk or pavement to write on. You can search for a poem on or check your bookshelf for an old favorite. Use brightly colored chalk to attract attention to your work, and add drawings or artistic flourishes to create some extra fun.

If the Google Earth satellite camera is trained on my house this week, you might find me hunched on my knees scratching chalk against my cement driveway. You might even be able to read my work!

I have written a poem as my personal launch of National Poetry Month, however, it’s important that you understand that in the world of poetry, I am a novice. I keep a poetry journal of my works in progress. I attend classes when I am able. I read poetry. I also submit my work. I work at poetry and consider it my guilty pleasure, though on my journey to learn, I find it daunting when over and over I hear, “I can’t tell you what good poetry is. I only know it when I hear it.”

So imagine my surprise when I read my poem, True American Music, aloud at a poetry group meeting in Missouri where someone from the historical society liked it and asked to use it. My poem was read on the radio as an introduction announcing the Smithsonian’s traveling exhibit, New Harmonies: Celebrating American Roots Music, then later made into a poster that the historical society displayed at the entrance to the exhibit.

In honor of National Poetry Month, this is my first offering. Good or bad isn’t the point. It’s that the words came from my heart.

National Poetry Month

And so it begins
A time of deep contemplation and reflection
when I lay bare my heart –
to sculpt words into a phase

a line

a stanza

to pierce your heart.

And if
a tear of bliss releases
and falls,
only to rise again in euphoria,
then will my poet’s soul be pleased

When I fall in love with a poem, the best way I can describe is delicious.

I hope you will share a poem with me and together we will celebrate National Poetry Month.
Have a delicious April!

Linda Joyce


About Linda Joyce

Writing is a curious journey. You don't pick it, it picks you. See my website at to learn more about me.
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2 Responses to Day 1 – Begin with a Poem for National Poetry Month

  1. “It’s that the words came from my heart.” Wonderful, and your poem is as well. Best wishes, Ellen

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