Prove (or improve) Your Vocabulary Percentage

What’s your vocabulary score? This is a different quiz than the last one I brought to you. If you take this one, please share your results, and also, please let me know: What is your definition of vocabulary?

I started poking around online and looking at articles about vocabulary. I discovered articles from teachers and state learning institutions that tout the importance of having a good or as some called it, a wide vocabulary. I found other sites that suggest the best way to improve your life – get a raise or even a better job – is to raise your vocabulary. I even uncovered several sites willing to relieve you of your money to provide you with a vocabulary improvement course. Spend money to make money? Maybe.

Many dictionaries define Vocabulary as “the words of a language.” The American Heritage Dictionary – the online version as well as hardback, New College Edition (a relic from my high school days) and the Fourth Edition, richly illustrated in full color – takes the definition one step further. Their definition includes “knowing.” I agree. It isn’t enough to be able to pronounce a word, or speak a word; the true test is having an understanding, a knowing, of the word.

I’ll give you a personal example. My mother is Japanese. As a child, for four years, I lived and went to school in Japan, where I studied Japanese culture, dance and language. I learned two of the three Japanese alphabets – Hiragana and Katakana. Later, in college, I took Japanese and the five-hour A helped my GPA a lot. Today, when my mother does karaoke, I can sing along because I’m able to read most of the words…but I can’t say that I “know” them. My Japanese vocabulary is limited.

My English vocabulary? I continue to strive to improve it. Thus, I found another online vocabulary game at Dynamo Dictionary. I hope you’ll take the challenge. I admit, taking these mini-tests boosts my confidence. Offers me a few giggles and that little “atta-girl” when I’m trying to push the cobwebs from my brain and write.

Happy Writing!

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4 Responses to Prove (or improve) Your Vocabulary Percentage

  1. Janey Goude says:

    Not sure how to report my score on this one, but I missed one. Second guessed myself – that thing I tell my children never to do 🙂

    Fun to exercise my brain this way. My husband is a word and number phenom, so I depend on “atta girls” from these kinds of tests to feel marginally competent!

    Thanks for the smile.

    • Linda Joyce says:


      Thank you for visiting with me. Living with a word and number phenom, (very coold, by the way) doesn’t diminish another’s talent, as you saw- you only missed one! I’m betting you take a more intuitive and thoughtful approach to life. *smiles* I’m horrible at Trivial Pursuit- I always second guess myself. We give our children the benefit of our wisdom, though through it all, we’re only human.
      I have another test coming soon…maybe tomorrow…about left and right brain distinctions.
      Linda Joyce

      • Janey Goude says:

        Thanks for the encouragement.
        I had to smile at your upcoming test. I’ve always had trouble with right and left. I was scared I’d fail my driving test because I’d turn right when they told me to turn left.
        “Your other right” is a common refrain around our house. Our sixteen-year-old daughter inherited that chromosome. In stark contrast, her seven-year-old brother has had it down cold since he was five! He’s his daddy made over.
        I’ll try to remember to check back for the new test!

      • Linda Joyce says:


        The post is coming now… May you’ll have your children take a quiz and see what they learn about themselves?
        Linda Joyce

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