“Storm Country: The Anthology” – update


On October 26th 2011, I posted about Storm Country: The Anthology. My story, Arctic Arkansas, appears in the book. All sales are donated to the Joplin, Missouri school district, which was wiped out in last spring’s mega-tornado. (I saw a weather channel report and that tornado is one of the top three ever recorded in America.)

The Kansas City Star featured Storm Country: The Anthology in an article on Saturday. Here’s the link:


I’m happy to announce that sales continue to rise. If you purchased a copy to help the schoolchildren in Joplin, thank you very much! Know that you have my heartfelt gratitude. For those who were unaware of this fund drive, there’s still time to join in and make a contribution by purchasing a book.

“Storm Country” is now available at


by sending a check for $13.95 per copy to

MWG Joplin Book Drive
1203 Spartina Drive, St. Louis, MO 63031

Happy Reading!


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