Tradition: What do you do for . . .

What do you do for . . .

New Years? Valentine’s Day? What about Fat Tuesday or . . . your birthday?
What handed-down birthday traditions do you embrace?

This week, each of my posts will be about Birthday.

In my family, birthdays include parties, cake, presents and singing ‘the song’. My birthday is a horn-blowing and confetti-throwing celebration of my life and I enjoy sharing that day with folks like you. I love cake! Carrot, Red Velvet, and German Chocolate are among some of my favorites, however cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies will do. Anticipation blooms like fluttering butterflies in my stomach when I receive packages dressed in shiny paper with fancy bows, especially when there’s one box wrapped inside another and another. (It’s about the unwrapping, the anticipation rather than the present inside.) And, no matter where I am in the world on my birthday, my family calls and sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to me.

However, over the years, people, practical strangers have rudely accosted me with a slur about my birthday. Eyes rolling and sniffing, they ask, “Don’t you just hate your birthday?”

Let me shout it from the rooftop for all to hear. No! I love it!

I had the good fortune of being born on December 24th. To those who don’t understand, let me offer this perspective.

Does the whole world celebrate for your birthday? Do they put up lights and garland–for at least a month before your birthday? Do business close early on the appointed day? Do people give more kindness to others? It’s happens each and every year during my birthday time.

December 24th is my birthday. I embrace it and celebrate accordingly. Besides, let’s face it, I have no clue what it’s like to have a birthday on any other day of the year.

What are your birthday traditions?


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6 Responses to Tradition: What do you do for . . .

  1. My birthday is in February and every couple of years it falls on President’s day. I just love it when the entire nation gets a day off in my honor! 🙂

  2. Linda Joyce says:


    And, I love that, too! What your birthday tradition?~Linda Joyce

  3. Judy says:

    You share a great birthday with some very good people. 🙂 Our tradition is ‘scotchwood cock” for Christmas Breakfast. Now what is this tradition…English muffin covered with a slice of ham, diced hardboiled eggs topped with rich cheese sauce. Now the way we played this when the kids were little was I demanded that we eat and cllean up before opening presents. I traditionally lose every year. Now as the kids are older, we just enjoy. each other’s company. And Happy Birthday

    • Linda Joyce says:


      I LOVE hearing about family traditions. Is the formal name ‘scotchwood cock’? Or is that something your family labled it? Our tradition for Christmas morning is to get the Turkey in the oven, take a round of brie smother it in brown sugar, pecan and a dollop of honey, then wrap it in puff pastry to bake. When it’s done, so is tea/coffe/hot chocolate. We nibble and sip and open presents one at a time. Someone is designated ‘Elf’ and wears a Santa hat to deliver packages for opening.

      Thank you for the birthday wishes!


      Linda Joyce

  4. My birthday is in June. My mom always made whatever cake we kids wanted, and my favorite was strawberry shortcake. So on my birthday our family got strawberry shortcake with fresh whipped cream for dessert. I have carried the tradition through the generations. Now that my grandchildren live with me, I make their favorite cakes for their birthdays. My granddaughter’s favorite is Dirt Cake and my grandson’s is Texas Sheet Cake.

    Best wishes on your Christmas Eve birthday.

    • Linda Joyce says:


      You’ve are carrying on a beautiful tradition for your family! In doing some research about another post I’m going to write, a famed sociologist said it takes 3 generations of ‘something’ for that ‘something’ to be called a tradition…and your grandchildren complete the third generation. I do have to ask, what’s a Dirt Cake? and a Texas Sheet Cake. I get the sheet cake part, however am very curious about the individual cakes. Will you share?

      And, thank you for the birthday wishes, they are most appreciated.
      Smiles ~ Linda Joyce

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