Hello World!

Welcome! I’m getting the hang of this. More to come.

Linda-Joyce fuller


About Linda Joyce

Writing is a curious journey. You don't pick it, it picks you. See my website at www.Linda-Joyce.com to learn more about me.
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3 Responses to Hello World!

  1. Judy says:

    Oh boy has weather been nasty this year. I bet this book is awesome. And congrats on the new blog. Well done

    • Linda Joyce says:

      Hi! Judy. I’ve been thinking about you. Early next year, I’m going to start working on a story- Bayou girl goes to Cody, WY. Will you help me with the “horse” things I need to know to make my scenes real?
      And, if you feel it’s right, please send info about Storn Country: The Anthology to friends you know, especially those in Missouri. Books are so important for school kids. I think Deb Marshall of the Missouri Writer’s Guild did a very fine thing putting this book together.~ LJ

  2. Jan Morrill says:

    Welcome to blogging, Linda! See you soon–and I can’t wait!

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